Loneliness isn't about being alone. It's about not feeling connected - in an authentic and meaningful way - to that which nourishes and supports life.

Transforming Loneliness approaches loneliness with fresh and unexpected ways of seeing and responding that cultivate connection, belonging, and love.

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Laura Parker, MFT talks about what loneliness is, where it comes from, and how to transform it.

Some Things I've Learned About Loneliness

At its core, loneliness is the painful experience that something (or someone) vitally necessary is missing. When we are able to hold that experience with tenderness and at the same time look into it with a steady gaze, it begins to unfold and reveal its secrets. We discover that loneliness is not what we thought it was. It guides us directly into the heart of our longing for connection...


"Now you must go out into your heart as onto a vast plain. Now the immense loneliness begins."

- Rilke


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